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The Truth about HCG Diet

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HCG has been a closely guarded secret in Europe since the 1950’s when it was developed by Dr.Simeons. It has begun a new popularity in the United States at the present time . There are many HCG Diet plans to be found on the internet and at local medical offices. But we realize you want only the safest and most effective diet plan available. At Malama Wellness Center the HCG Diet will be administered for the weight goals set for you. If the diet is done correctly, the hypothalamus will reset at a higher rate because the body has been signaled it has been getting all of the calories that have been used up as fuel. This helps you meet your target weight and maintain it for long term results.

After making your appointment with Dr. Paki Myers, a specialist on the HCG Diet, an HCG Diet program will be designed for you. You will be assigned instructions, a meal plan and HCG injections or oral drops and further instructions to meet your weight goals. Even a tiny variation can drastically effect your weight loss. So adhering to the instructions are of utmost importance. Dr. Myers and counseling assistant are available for ongoing information and support if required. She can be contacted at (808) 324-6899 or emailed at info@malamawellness.com

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HCG Diet Faq's and Consent   (PDF)
MIC Weight Loss Injections FAQ’s and Consent   (PDF)

The HCG Diet at the Malama Wellness Center is

For more information and to get started make and appointment at appointments@malamawellness.com or Call:

PAKI MYERS, MD : (808) 324-6899
-- Consultations by appointment only --

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